Our Space

This CoWork Space has been set up as part of a larger community project.

Our focus is on coworking spaces and shared premises as a sustainable means of contributing to community diversity, connectivity and strength.

What can you expect?

We have a range of hot desks and workstations including two computer desks, standing work benches, and a soft seating work area with whiteboards for informal meetings and team brainstorming.

There are also two semi private offices, and a project area tucked away with a full pinboard wall, whiteboard, shelving to spare and a table to share.

Your clients will be greeted in our reception area and lead directly into the adjoining meeting room which offers natural lighting, comfortable seating for six, whiteboard, tea/coffee and water station.

Amenities include free WiFi, a photocopier with complimentary scanning, and a range of kitchen appliances for snacks and lunch prep, hot beverages and delicious espresso.

As we grow, we will look to introducing electronic whiteboards or smartboards.  For now, we have wall mounted whiteboards in key areas, and smaller whiteboards available as needed.

We also offer lockers and lockable under desk units so you may store your regular use items even if you are a casual coworker.  This goes for the kitchen, too, should you like to keep a stash of snacks.

There is free all day street parking right outside our building and two hour parking across the street.  There is also a free all day council car park two doors down and another on the next block.

What do we offer?

We offer space for our new business to grow, explore and develop strong foundations.

Working from our space allows you time to network with other local business and services, and to add your creativity, innovation, skills and strengths to our community.  When you succeed, so do we all.

We have a range of workspaces, from hot desks and offices, to standing benches and break out areas.  Find your favourite to use casually or as your dedicated space.

Our licence agreements set out the ground rules and our rates include use of the space, utilities, facilities so you always know your overheads.

We foster a positive, solution-based work environment, and attract CoWorkers who resonate with our “let’s get it done” ethos.

Who is coworking for?

Individuals, businesses and groups.

Freelancers and consultants, start ups and entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses, community groups, programs, projects, commuters and explorers.

You might be seeking a space to trial your ideas and ideals, opportunity to grow your dream or team.  You might run a home business and are missing the productive energy of a shared workspace, or maybe you are tired of long commute and are looking for a satellite office.

We’re here to support you as you explore your potential, build your dreams in reality, and create and innovate your community through your business, project or program.

Our Hours

Our regular space hours are:

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 17:00

We are here for our community.  Talk to us about evening meetings or working over the weekend.

Weekend Study Sessions will be available throughout 2020 to support our students from High School through to PhD.  If you need a quiet, productive space to complete that assignment or host a tutorial group, please contact our Space Coordinator to discuss further.